Free Early Pregnancy Classes

12 week Ultrasound Scan picture of a baby

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

There will be so many questions, thoughts and emotions going through your minds currently and while you will have the support of your midwife and GP, their contact can be limited.   The Parenting Company's Early Pregnancy Classes would be a perfect platform to help set your minds at ease by preparing you and your partner for your pregnancy journey. 

We will look at: 

  • What to expect in the first few months. 
  • Common concerns during pregnancy
  • External factors and how you can influence your pregnancy
  • Changes to your body 
  • How your baby is developing and growing
  •  How to choose the best birth place for you
  •  And can cover any topics you specifically would like to visit

Not only is the group a great information forum but a perfect place to meet like minded couples going through a similar journey as yourselves, so why not support each, maybe even making life long friendships.  If you are happy we can set up a 'what's app' group to facilitate this.    

Refreshments will be provided.

Sessions can be attended anytime between 12-28 weeks of pregnancy and will be held on the first Wednesday of the month 7-9pm at Greatworth Hall, Greatworth, OX17 2DH.

Great worth Hall is situated along the B4525, between Banbury and Brackley, with ample free parking.



To Book please email us at